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What is Vestor?

First, a real estate developer decides to develop a property. They create a project listing on our site and submit it for approval.

Once it is approved, accredited investors can view the project and decide if they want to invest.

When the project's funding goal is reached, the developer receives their capital and is able to complete their project.

Sound interesting?

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The Vestor Process

Investments made through Vestor’s online real estate platform are unique in the real estate investment world. Now accredited investors can directly access real estate projects in a more transparent and informative way than ever before. While the process of investing on a platform such as Vestor is new, it is not overly complicated. Let’s walk through the steps of how a real estate project is funded through Vestor from the perspective of both a real estate developer and an investor.

Real Estate Developer

When a real estate developer has a project they would like to finance with Vestor, they can immediately submit projects for listing after they create an account on our website…

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How is this Legal?

General Solicitation

The JOBS Act directed the Securities and Exchange Commission to remove the prohibition on general solicitation and general advertising of securities by issuers. Under the new rule 506(c) of Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933, issuers can generally solicit accredited investors as long as issuers take reasonable steps to verify investors are accredited and that they only sell securities to accredited investors.

Now, platforms like Vestor can publically advertise sales of securities as long as such securities are only sold to accredited investors. These changes pave the way for real estate crowdfunding as a viable alternative to traditional real estate financing in today’s cities.